• Facts & Statistics of Washakie County

    Washakie is located in north central Wyoming, bordered by Hot Springs County to the west and south, Big Horn County to the north, Park County to the West and Johnson County to the east. Washakie County also borders Natrona County to the southeast.

    The county is named after Chief Washakie of the Shoshoni Indian Tribe. Chief Washakie was a friend of the pioneers and eventually became a U.S. Army scout.

    The majority of Washakie County residents live in Worland, the county seat. Beautiful Ten Sleep Canyon runs through a portion of the 2,240 square mile county.  

  • Education

    The student/teacher ratio in Worland is 14:1, and 5:1 in Ten Sleep. K-12 enrollment in the Worland schools numbers 1,345. Ten Sleep has a total of 103 students. Both school systems provide excellent educational opportunities. The Ten Sleep School has been rated in the top 30 nationally. 

    Worland schools are annually recognized for their dedication to education by the State Board.

    Washakie County Schools: Elementary, 4; Middle School, 1; High School, 2.


    Wyoming has no state or corporate income tax and the local sales tax is 6%. 2004 assessed county valuation was $92,839,776. Residential property tax is assessed at 9.5% of market value x mill levy of 76.419. The county also has a 2% lodging tax.

  • Real Estate

    Washakie County offers a variety of housing and land purchase opportunities. Area homes and farms/ranches are well maintained. The average 3 bedroom home sold for $128,178 and the average 4 bedroom home sold for $183,558 in 2011, while rental costs average $450.00 per month, with an average 2 bedroom apt renting for $450/monthly and an average home rents for about $700/monthly.

    Realtors point out there are many homes to choose from and available in most price ranges. To schedule an appointment to view or for more information about homes in the Worland-Ten Sleep areas click here.
    Area Land Mass - Washakie Co has 1,447,680 acres — 2262 sq miles — to see and use. Washakie County covers more area than Delaware and Rhode Island, with federal land accounting for 53.7 % of the county at 776,261 acres, while state lands account for 6.3 % or 92,562 acres, leaving 40% or 578,857 in private property. 

  • Climate

    Temperature: Annual Average Snowfall: 21.1"
    Annual Average: 44.6º F Annual Average Humidity: 50%
    Monthly Average: Dec. 18º F; July 75º; F  Sunshine Days: 310
    Annual Average Rainfall: 7.8"  Elevation: 4,000 Feet
  • Utilities

    Electric Power Pacific Power & Light 1-888-221-7070
    Natural Gas Wyoming Gas Co. 1-307-347-2416
    Water Garbage Sewer City of Worland 1-307-347-3296
    TV Services Bresnan Communications 1-307-347-3245
    Telephone Service RT Communications 1-307-347-7000
  • Lodging

    • Six motels with 183 total rooms
    • One RV Park and Campground
    • One B&B
    • One Guest House/Vacation Home
    Ten Sleep
    • Two motels and two lodges for a total of 76 rooms/units
    • One RV Park
    • One Campground
    • Several Campgrounds maintained by the Forest Service